Frequently Asked Solar Panel & Renewable Energy Questions Springfield IL

Solar energy is becoming more popular year after year, and homeowners are reaping the benefits of having a solar-powered home. At Skydrop Energy in Springfield, IL, we know that switching from a traditional electrical supply to solar energy can be intimidating and create feelings of uncertainty, which is why our team has come up with answers to every question imaginable so that you know what our services entail before giving us a call. Read through our FAQ section below and be sure to contact our team if there’s a question we left unanswered.

How Are Solar Panels Installed on a Roof?

While some solar panels can be installed on the ground, our technicians specialize in roof solar panel installation for homes and businesses. Skydrop Energy will carefully fasten solar panels to your home’s roofing system without causing damage or safety issues.

How Much Does a Solar Roof Cost to Install?

We offer $0 down financing options, and we also work with Clean Energy Credit Union- which also does not require a down payment. While a typical solar system can cost anywhere from $10,000 to $30,000, there are several state and federal incentives that can help reduce these costs.

Do I Need a Battery for My Solar Roof?

No, a battery is not necessary. While homeowners can choose to add a battery to their system to aid in energy use during a power outage, it is not necessary to turn your property completely solar.

How Do You Clean Solar Panels on a Roof?

Unlike traditional energy systems, solar panels do not require any yearly maintenance, which includes cleaning! Just let mother nature do its work, and your systems will stay clean and efficiently year-round.

How Can I Save Money by Installing a Solar Roof?

There is currently a 26% federal tax credit. Other incentives vary based on your location. As one of the most trusted solar installation companies in Springfield, IL, give us a call to see how we can help you.

How Many Solar Panels Do I Need to Power My Home?

Your system size will be based on your usage for the last year. If you provide us with a copy of your most recent electric bill, we will be able to size your system to meet your needs. It is common for solar contractors in Springfield, IL, to add more panels at a later date if your energy needs change (i.e., purchase of an electric vehicle).

How Long Do Solar Panels Last?

As experienced solar contractors in Springfield, IL, 25 years tends to be the minimum standard. Though solar panels’ production gradually reduces over time, a solar panel should continue to produce energy well beyond its 25-year production warranty.

Where Is the Ideal Placement of Solar Panels?

For your home solar installation in Springfield, IL, ideally, you want the panels to face the south and not near any tree covering for maximum exposure. However, they can be angled and placed on a different area of the property. Your solar professional will provide any additional guidance needed.

Will My Solar Panels Continue to Produce When the Power Goes Out in My Home?

If you don’t have a battery backup, your system cannot produce power when the electricity is out. Contact our solar contractors in Springfield, IL for information about the battery backup.

What Happens If My Roofing Solar System is Damaged?

Once installed, your solar installation in Springfield, IL will be covered by your homeowner’s insurance. However, solar panels are very durable and rarely damaged.

How Long Does It Take to Have Solar Panels Installed?

Installing solar panels on your home takes time. Once your financing and paperwork are finalized, your system is typically installed in 6 weeks and operating in 8 weeks. There is a process we go through when getting your solar system approved. We want to make sure there are no surprises or concerns along the way. Your system needs approval from the interconnecting utility, and the jurisdiction where you reside, as well as a final approval once the system is installed.  

What If I Plan on Moving Soon?

Moving soon doesn’t necessarily mean solar isn’t for you. However, it may not make sense financially to put solar on a home you don’t plan to be in for very long.  

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