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Going Solar In Central Illinois

For the past decade, homeowners and businesses throughout Illinois have chosen solar energy as the main power source for their properties. When it comes to solar panel installation services, Skydrop Energy is the leading choice for clients in Central, IL that want an experienced and reliable contractor to help them make the switch to solar energy. With our solar system products, your property will rely solely on the sun to keep your appliances and electronics operating efficiently without worrying about high monthly energy bills. Our energy specialists work with clients to construct a solar energy system design that works for each property and roofing structure to get the maximum amount of energy year-round. Learn more about solar energy and why you need it for your property.

How Do Solar Panels Work?

Understanding solar energy is one of the most important steps to making the change. Skydrop Energy is here to offer unlimited resources to our customers so that they can see just how beneficial solar panels can be for their homes and the environment. Look at our step-by-step guide on how solar panels create energy and get a free quote on installing solar panels for your property when you schedule a consultation.

Step One
Solar panels are made of semi-conductive material that triggers the release of negatively charged electrons. When sunlight hits your solar panels and generates an electric current (DC), these negative electrons travel towards the positive side of the panels, generating energy to run your property.
Step Two
AC electricity then flows from the inverter to the breaker box installed on your property and provides a renewable source of energy. This energy is then used to run any appliance connected to your property's outlets.
Step Three
AC electricity then flows from the inverter to the breaker box installed on your property and provides a renewable source of energy. This energy is then used to run any appliance connected to your property's outlets.
Step Four
Any unused electricity flowers through the utility meter into the grid. Electricity is drawn from the grid when the building needs more energy than what is produced by the solar panels.

Investment Tax Credit

If you haven’t already noticed, these incentives are here to help our communities transition to a carbon-free future. The Investment Tax Credit (ITC) is a federal policy that helps to offset the cost of solar panels for residential and commercial properties throughout the country. Currently, the ITC is a 30% tax credit that is awarded to customers when filing for their end-of-the-year tax return. This program is set to decrease in the following years, so it is recommended to take advantage of the credit while it is available! To learn more about the ITC, contact Skydrop Energy in Springfield, IL. We are passionate about educating our customers on how they can benefit financially from solar energy solutions.

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Solar Renewable Energy Credit

Solar Renewable Energy Credit, or SREC, is a financial benefit provided by the state that allows solar energy consumers to earn money for any electricity generated by their solar panels. For every MWh of generated electricity, you can earn 1 SREC that can be bought and sold to brokers that can monetize your SRECs. Skydrop Energy helps you manage your SRECs with our trusted vendor to ensure you get credit for your clean energy. Switch to solar today and earn cash back when you choose our team in Springfield, IL.

Ready To Go Solar?

Find out if you are eligible to take advantage of incentive money for going solar!

Residential Solar Panels

Before you make the decision to install solar panels in your home, it is best to have all the facts. While installing them will involve a considerable investment of money and time, they are also ecologically sound and can save you money on energy bills. You can make a difference in your financial future by going green with Skydrop Energy and making an environmentally friendly choice for your home. We will custom-fit your new solar panels to the specifications of your roof. From installation and upgrade services—including repairs, and maintenance—we offer all the services you need. Contact us today for a FREE estimate on whatever residential solar services you need!

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Commercial Solar Panels

Skydrop Energy offers a wide range of solar installation techniques—tailored to your specifications and designed to fit the needs of your business. If your business invests in going solar, you will gain much more independence. As a business owner, you always look for worthwhile investments with long-term advantages because you think about the future. At Skydrop Energy, we recommend that you invest in your own business’s future by shifting from a utility company to alternative energy sources. Harness the sun’s power and let it do your work for you, turning your business into an energy producer. Start saving money immediately!

Farmland Solar Systems

Owning a farm takes more than just serious manpower to keep things running. Regarding your electrical supply, solar energy is the only eco-friendly and affordable option to maintain your farmland. At Skydrop Energy, we proudly offer commercialized solar systems for farmland of all sizes in central Illinois. Traditional electric energy costs thousands of dollars a year to maintain, not to mention it can be unreliable during heavy storms or outages. Our team offers solar panel installation that is guaranteed to power your farming equipment, buildings, grain bins, and more by utilizing the sun’s power. Upgrade your farm with solar panel installation from our team and see why renewable energy is the right choice for your land.

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