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Solar Panels for Your Home, Business, or Farmland in Decatur, Illinois.

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Residential Solar

Reduce rising electricity bills by switching to solar energy powered by top-of-the-line solar panels from Skydrop Energy. From an initial inspection and design consultation to panel installation, our team is here to help convert your home’s power to solar energy.

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Commercial Solar

Reduce energy costs for your business with commercial solar system installation from Skydrop Energy. Our specialists construct personalized measurements and designs to maximize the solar energy needed to run your business. 

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Agricultural Solar

Power your Midwestern farm with powerful solar energy systems from Skydrop Energy. Our high-quality solar panels power your grain bins, water pumps, space heaters, greenhouses, and other equipment needed to run your farm. Learn more from our team.

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Solar Energy System Installation in Decatur Illinois

Since 2018, Skydrop Energy has been a leader in the solar roofing and solar panel installation industry in Decatur, IL. As electric rates increase along with inflation, solar energy is becoming a clear choice for homeowners and businesses looking to eliminate their energy expenses altogether. Our solar energy specialists will inspect your property to determine the best spot for solar panel installation and maximize your energy usage. After an initial inspection and design consultation with one of our project managers, we will create a timeline to have your solar panels installed as soon as possible. Learn more about our solar panel services for your residential home, business, or farmland when you call our team in Central Illinois.

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Why Choose Our Company?
Decatur Illinois

So, what’s so beneficial about choosing solar energy for your home? On top of being the only renewable energy source on the market, solar panel systems can save you thousands of dollars on utility bills by utilizing energy from the sun instead of an electrical power supply. With revolutionary solar energy bills in place for this year, now is the perfect time to invest in solar power for your property by reaping the benefits of current incentives both at the federal and state levels. Our solar roofing services at Skydrop Energy have been the leading choice for residential and commercial clients in Decatur, IL for years – see below for reasons why you should go solar with Skydrop Energy.

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Residential Solar Panel Installation
Decatur Illinois

Our specialists at Skydrop Energy offer various solar energy services for residential homes in Decatur, IL, and the surrounding areas. While the upfront cost of a solar roofing system can be intimidating, our systems are guaranteed to pay for themselves within the first five years due to your immediate savings on monthly utility bills and maintenance costs. By getting rid of your electrical supply, you will notice the immediate benefits of our solar roofing systems which are not only the best choice for the environment but for your family as well. Transition to solar energy with $0 down and guaranteed savings year after year. To learn more about our initial inspection and design process, give us a call and request a free estimate on your solar installation project.

Commercial Solar Panel Installation
Decatur Illinois

Owning a business in Decatur, IL means finding solutions to monthly savings that can create a smaller margin for your business to exceed. At Skydrop Energy, we have over six years of experience in the solar energy industry and have provided commercial solar energy systems to dozens of businesses in the Central Illinois area. Our team guarantees that choosing solar energy for your commercial property will be one of the best financial and environmental decisions you can make. Whether you want a fully integrated solar system for your building or want to add carports with EV plugs for your employees, you can count on our specialists to help you find the perfect solution to your energy needs.

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Agriculture Solar Panel Installation
Decatur Illinois

We know running a farm isn’t cheap. Aside from the normal bills, you can usually expect a large jump in your electricity costs due to grain dryers, irrigation, or daily electricity usage. Luckily, Skydrop Energy in Decatur, IL offers solar energy solutions for your farming business. There are many incentives that farms can use to help offset the upfront costs. In most cases, our agriculture clients can take advantage of multiple financial incentives that cover more than the cost of their solar system just by switching to a renewable energy source. Our solar panels are designed to supply your farm with the energy needed to keep your days running efficiently without the extra costs.

The Benefits of Going Solar
Decatur Illinois

We know that choosing solar energy for your property is a huge decision, and that’s why our technicians at Skydrop Energy in Decatur, IL is here to inform you of the key benefits that come with our solar panel installation services. From customization of your solar panels to the level of solar energy you want access to for your home or business, our specialists are here to assist you every step of the way. Consider the long-term investments that come with going solar, and we will turn your power system into a logical and financial choice that will benefit you for years to come. Our solar panel installation services offer the following benefits:

Solar FAQ
Decatur Illinois

Investing in solar panels is a great way to invite renewable energy into your home or business. At Skydrop Energy, we offer solar panel installation services for home and business owners in Decatur, Illinois. Each solar panel installation project is designed to work perfectly for your home or business. Do you have questions about our installation process or about going solar? We have answers! Read through our FAQ or reach out to a member of our team.

How Are Solar Panels Installed on a Roof?

While some solar panels can be installed on the ground, our technicians specialize in roof solar panel installation for homes and businesses. Skydrop Energy will carefully fasten solar panels to your home’s roofing system without causing damage or safety issues.

How Much Does a Solar Roof Cost to Install?

We offer $0 down financing options, and we also work with Clean Energy Credit Union- which also does not require a down payment. While a typical solar system can cost anywhere from $10,000 to $30,000, there are several state and federal incentives that can help reduce these costs.

Do I Need a Battery for My Solar Roof?

No, a battery is not necessary. While homeowners can choose to add a battery to their system to aid in energy use during a power outage, it is not necessary to turn your property completely solar.

How Do You Clean Solar Panels on a Roof?

Unlike traditional energy systems, solar panels do not require any yearly maintenance, which includes cleaning! Just let mother nature do its work, and your systems will stay clean and efficiently year-round.

We have loved working with Rich and Stacy of Skydrop Energy! They provided great education around solar energy and how things work. They ensured we were comfortable and confident in moving forward. I was “that customer” and asked for several designs but at the end of the day, his initial recommendation truly was the best option (listen to the pros!). So excited now that the panels are installed to start generating alternative/green energy.

- Jenica Rarick


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