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Solar Panels for Your Home, Business, or Farmland in Peoria, Illinois.

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Residential Solar

Get rid of rising electricity bills by switching to solar energy powered by top-of-the-line solar panels from Skydrop Energy. From an initial inspection and design consultation to panel installation, our team is here to help convert your home’s power to solar energy.

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Commercial Solar

Reduce energy costs for your business with commercial solar system installation from Skydrop Energy. Our specialists construct personalized measurements and designs to maximize the solar energy needed to run your business. 

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Agricultural Solar

Power your Midwestern farm with powerful solar energy systems from Skydrop Energy. Our high-quality solar panels power your grain bins, water pumps, space heaters, greenhouses, and other equipment needed to run your farm. Learn more from our team.

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Solar Energy System Installation in Peoria Illinois

Skydrop Energy has been a pioneer in Peoria, IL as a trusted solar energy and solar panel installation company since 2018. As energy prices rise alongside inflation, solar energy is emerging as an obvious solution for homes, businesses, and even farm owners to seek renewable ways to minimize energy costs. Our solar energy experts will assess your property to find the optimal location for solar panel installation to eliminate monthly electric bills and optimize overall energy usage. Following an initial inspection and design meeting with one of our project managers, we will develop a step-by-step guide on what installing your solar panels looks like. For more education and benefits regarding solar panel installation and solar energy systems, contact our Central Illinois team today.

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Why Choose Our Company?
Peoria Illinois

You may be wondering, what exactly are the benefits of using solar energy? Solar panel systems, besides being the sole sustainable energy source on the market, can save you thousands of dollars in annual utility bills by harnessing energy from the sun rather than an electrical power supply. With groundbreaking solar energy bills in place for this year, now is the best time to invest in solar power for your home or business while taking advantage of existing federal and state incentives. For years, Skydrop Energy’s solar roofing services have been the top option for residential and commercial customers in Peoria, IL – contact us for a free quote and see below to learn more about why you should go solar with Skydrop Energy.

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Residential Solar Panel Installation
Peoria Illinois

Skydrop Energy is the only choice for homeowners in Peoria, IL regarding residential solar panel installation and solar energy upgrades. Our team provides a comprehensive list of solar energy services that are customized to the needs, size, and sun-facing location of your property. While the initial cost of a solar roofing system may be overwhelming, many homeowners don’t realize that you can switch to solar for nearly $0 down with a monthly system payment. The most important part of your solar journey is choosing a company you can trust to install and design a system that works for your home and family. Since 2018, homeowners in Central Illinois have chosen Skydrop Energy as their residential solar contractor. Get a free quote and learn more about our design and installation processes when you call our office.

Commercial Solar Panel Installation
Peoria Illinois

Owning a business entails many responsibilities, one of which is having to find ways to save money while thinking responsibly about energy conservation. Choosing to go solar can not only benefit your company’s energy supply but can have a significant impact on your monthly utility costs. Skydrop Energy has been a leader in the solar industry since 2018 for commercial clients in Peoria, IL. Our specialists have designed, installed, and maintained solar panels for companies of all sizes throughout Central Illinois. Whether you need a fully integrated solar system for your business or carports with EV charging stations for your staff, you can rely on our experts to help you discover the best solution for your energy requirements. Learn more about our commercial solar panel installation services.

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Agriculture Solar Panel Installation
Peoria Illinois

Running a farm comes with an endless list of expenses that can be hard to maintain. Aside from your regular bills, you may normally anticipate a significant increase in your power expenditures due to grain dryers, irrigation, or just your everyday electricity use. Fortunately, Skydrop Energy in Peoria, IL provides solar energy options for your agricultural operation. Several incentives are available to farmers to assist in offsetting the initial cost. Most of our agricultural customers may benefit from several financial incentives that cover more than the cost of their solar system just by switching to a renewable energy source. Our solar panels are intended to provide your farm with the energy it needs to keep your days operating smoothly without incurring any additional expenses.

The Benefits of Going Solar
Peoria Illinois

We understand that deciding on solar energy for your property is a major decision – which is why Skydrop Energy is here to help with an updated list of benefits that stem from going solar. Our team in Peoria, IL is proud to educate our community on the benefits of solar panels and how a solar energy system can eliminate monthly utility fees entirely. Consider the long-term investments associated with adopting solar, and we will transform your electricity system into a rational and financially sound decision that will benefit you for years to come. Our solar panel installation services provide the following benefits:

Solar FAQ
Peoria Illinois

Using solar panels is a great way to invite renewable energy into your home or business. At Skydrop Energy, we offer installation services for residential and commercial properties in Peoria, Illinois. Each project is designed with the goal of creating an efficient system that best fits your needs. Do you have questions about our installation process or about going solar? We have answers! Read through our FAQ or reach out to a member of our team.

How Are Solar Panels Installed on a Roof?

While some solar panels can be installed on the ground, our technicians specialize in roof solar panel installation for homes and businesses. Skydrop Energy will carefully fasten solar panels to your home’s roofing system without causing damage or safety issues.

How Much Does a Solar Roof Cost to Install?

We offer $0 down financing options, and we also work with Clean Energy Credit Union- which also does not require a down payment. While a typical solar system can cost anywhere from $10,000 to $30,000, there are several state and federal incentives that can help reduce these costs.

Do I Need a Battery for My Solar Roof?

No, a battery is not necessary. While homeowners can choose to add a battery to their system to aid in energy use during a power outage, it is not necessary to turn your property completely solar.

How Do You Clean Solar Panels on a Roof?

Unlike traditional energy systems, solar panels do not require any yearly maintenance, which includes cleaning! Just let mother nature do its work, and your systems will stay clean and efficiently year-round.

We have loved working with Rich and Stacy of Skydrop Energy! They provided great education around solar energy and how things work. They ensured we were comfortable and confident in moving forward. I was “that customer” and asked for several designs but at the end of the day, his initial recommendation truly was the best option (listen to the pros!). So excited now that the panels are installed to start generating alternative/green energy.

- Jenica Rarick


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